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Xmas Gift ideas…..

Yes, you may think it is too early to think about Xmas, but if you want unique handmade items, the time to order is NOW!


In incube8r at the moment,  I have just stocked some awesome umbrellas!! Created from the Alphabetism collection of fabric designs, at $45 they would make great Xmas presses.



There is also U for Umbrella and J for Jewel designs to choose from….

Can’t see one here that you like???

Please tweet, email or comment on this post to have one custom ordered just for you!!!

And don’t forget there are cushions too…..





Rain Rain Go Away…

Have made a few new things to go into in.cube.8r and thought I should give everyone a preview first…

For those spring time rainy days, how about a U for Umbrella umbrella?

At $45 you can’t really go wrong!


And some new rings that combine perspex and my fabric!

Want one??

Just contact me and let me know!

Only $30, great idea for Christmas pressies!!

Vote for me? Or them?

So, I am doing a unit of work on T-Shirt design with my Year 9/10 Visual Design class. I wanted them to complete a real design brief. So, I found the THREADLESS t-shirt design compititions and set them the task to enter one.

One student got into the t-shirt comp to design an image that promotes 826 National, a literacy school that helps students one on one.

His design is great –

However, this comp ended and some students hadn’t entered, so they then worked towards a two colour design for a TOTE BAG. With the entries having to be in by the 19th September….

To help the students with file sizes, I whipped up an example and entered it to see what would upload….

Now my design has gotten in and I know 2 of my students works that didn’t get in…. OOPSY!!

It wasn’t meant to be about me… it was their chance to enter….!!!!

So, here is my design…. I guess you can vote for me it if want? Or vote for my students???!!!

Skully Tote Bag design


Skully - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

I heart shopping

I have just spent some time updating my online store…!!

Coming into Spring, I thought it was time to reduce prices and add some stock!

Cushions and Bangles are now available online! Just choose your fabric and items will be made to order!

Or, if you are in the Mosman area, my stock is also available at in.cube.8r!

A swatch book of all my fabrics is on show at the in.cube.8r store, or check out COPYANDPAINT to see all fabrics in the  Alphabetism Collection

Linen and Lace


I decided to enter the The Tessuti Awards….

The theme this year is….

Linen & Lace

This year’s brief is simple, fresh and pretty and follows one of the trend forecasts for next Spring/Summer. Design a dress in any length using a combination of Linen and Lace in Neutrals, Whites or a combination of both tones together – see the TessutiAwards collection in our online store.


Inspired by the design brief, “Linen and Lace – everything old is new again”, I looked to Vivienne Westwood and her appropriations of 18th Century Men’s clothing. I wanted to add an edge to soft silhouettes of the lace but putting a contrasting black line that references the punk juxtapositions in Westwoods garments. The buttons, collected from the Tessuti collection are an embellishment that adds a touch of difference,femininity and edge. I have also used glow in the dark thread to make a fun and playful effect when wearing this garment at night.

“Westwood recalled: ‘I didn’t know what to do … Malcolm said “look at history”‘” as retrieved from

The bodice of my design refers to 18th Century Men’s clothing, making what was old, new again. The fresh look of the linen and lace adds a contemporary feel to the retro style dress that is a fresh and bold look.

No matter what happens – I have loved making this dress and am really proud of my sewing efforts. This is only the 6th dress I have ever sewn and think that my craftsmanship has improved by completing this design brief.



Please vote for my design in the PEOPLE’s CHOICE AWARD!

There are only a few days left to vote…. so do it NOW! Thanks!







Hip to be square

After the success of my exhibition, I wanted to keep the ball rolling….! I still have so much fabric that I have created that wants homes and I want people to enjoy the things that I have created. Thank you to my fabulous friends Lorna and Jude, who discovered a unique shopping experience that would provide me with a forum to sell my wares.

in.cube.8r is a store in Mosman that provides artists and designers with their own little ‘cubes’ to display their products.

I visited the store and loved the vibe and the concept.

Looking around, so much love had been put into all the handmade products that were on show. The pieces were so diverse and interesting and truely showcased some creativity.

After chatting to Susanne, the lovely lady that runs the Mosman store, I am lucky to have my own cube in the window of the store!

In the store there is already a lot of other resin jewellery design (though mine is pretty awesome! HAHA)…. so, I wanted to add to my collection and make my work stand out from the crowd… surprised?

To do this, I Used my fabrics, and I have created….


They are $30 each and are available in any of the ALPHABETISM fabrics!


After 6 months of hard work, it all came together and I had a great exhibition opening on Friday night, 17th June.

To look around and see the 26 letters of the alphabet as fabrics, an upholstered chair in my ‘Toast on Baked Beans’ fabric, a skull rug and different resin jewellery that I had handmade, I was really proud of my accomplishments.

The work looked polished, fun and playful and the pieces worked individually and as a whole.

I was really excited to sell some pieces and I know that they are going to some really good homes. I hope that in the weeks after the exhibition, other people will hear about my work and will enquire about pieces – They need to be seen by an audience and not hidden in my house – I don’t have enough wall space! HAHA

I have ordered some more fabric for myself and am going to spend the holidays sewing some dresses.

I wish the gallery was open for longer – it seems like so much work for just one week. It was also a shame that Primrose Park is in such an isolated spot that there wasn’t much foot traffic. I wanted more people to see what I had done.

I hope to get a market stall and my promote my online store so that more people can have some original Jess Melkman’s!


A little video to showcase all my work!

Watch this space

Coming to this space on Friday…. My exhibition!


All my artworks, lined up, ready to be hung…..


Counting the days till my Exhibition!

6 months have flown by!

My exhibition opening is on the 17th June 2011… so the days are counting down!

With my concept resolved it was great to have a goal to work towards. Using the letters of the Alphabet as inspiration, I designed images from words that start with A – Z.

So, it is a playful and fun. They icons that I have chosen may not be what you expect or what you would choose yourself… But that is what has made it so interesting to do. Every time I have told someone what I am doing for each letter, then look surprised and comment that they would do something else. Maybe my next exhibition could be based on audiences suggestions?

I have translated my designs into digitally printed textiles. Meaning that they can be viewed as wall pieces as they will for the exhibition, or people can but and use the fabrics for garments, bags, or even pillow cases! What ever you heart desires.

All the designs are original and I have tried to approach each letter with a different mode of representation from photography to paper cutout to watercolour to digital manuipulation to ripped cardboard to embroidery.

I have had soooooo much fun and am going to miss having a space to go and be creative.

I hope to see lots of friends, family and fans of art and design coming to see my exhibition.

Art is meant for an audience! Come along and enjoy it!

It’s as easy as ABC

Have been developing my concept and subject for my exhibition and am working towards artworks that explore….

the Alphabet!

I was inspired by the book AlphabetsA Miscellany of Letters which illustrates the way designers have used type in their work. Each ‘chapter’ is the next letter of the alphabet.

I have designed two fabrics so far and have a long way to go!

A is for Aeroplane

B is for Babushka

Can you help me brainstorm ideas for some other letters?

Here is where I am at!

I have also collaged some experiments together to make fabric design

So, now that I have figured out a concept that I am happy with….

I have also been experimenting again with resin jewellry, I have a new respect for Dinosaur Designs!

I made a new mould for a ring, but am not really feeling it.

But, I have polished up some of the rings that I already made and am happy with the results… see them soon in the COPYANDPAINT shop!