As the Year draws to a close, it is hard to find motivation. Everything is winding down as the school year ends.

I believe that I am a dedicated teacher who is creative and passionate…. but I am feeling stifled at the moment! Perhaps I am on the verge of being bored even! (But the kids stop that from happening… ) This is not to say that I am not putting in as much effort to deliver exciting and engaging lessons, I just feel that I can do it really easily.

I have noticed that I am not one to be bored…. and always line myself up with a challenge to keep myself entertained. Usually this has been related to work:

  • Completing my Masters
  • Having my first Exhibition
  • Presenting at Conferences

But of late, I have been focusing on me. 

WARNING: Before you read on!! This is not a blog post about Exercise – bear with me!

At the beginning of the Year I started regular training sessions with the Master Trainer – Josh. I also decided to try and eat better by ordering Lite’n’Easy for my school meals. The thing was, I started to noticed some results! I started to lost weight and was quite excited.


So, I increased the amount of training sessions that I was doing and even did some of my own… Motivated by some great Fitness Apps.


The thing about group fitness training, was that we were also having a lot of fun and becoming really good friend….


Stretching after training can often lead to fits of giggles!

This was all well and good… I was happy! But I needed to set myself a goal – my friends wedding in Wales. I want to drop a dress size and treat myself to a new dress for the occasion. To do this, I started to do one-on-one Personal Training sessions along with Kate. These were more high intensity and Josh worked us hard – knowing that we both had goals we wanted to achieve!


I was so excited and loved that I could buy a size 12 dress!

Achievement unlocked!
Jude and I in Wales!

Jude and I in Wales!

Training continued, as it had been…. and I felt great. Then Josh told us about this great new eating program/lifestyle food plan/diet called Metabolic Jumpstart. 

The thing with me is, I don’t just half do things…. From the beginning of the year I had committed myself to changing my lifestyle. I wasn’t going to let myself down.

To date, I have lost 7cm from my waist and am now a size 10.

Achievement unlocked!



By now, if you are still reading, you are probably wondering what this has to do with my teaching.

Well, for one, it has kept my motivated and has probably been the most exciting thing happening at the moment! (Perhaps sad, but true) I don’t want to think that I am someone who obsesses about weight or food, but it has certainly transformed my life.

I have therefore been deconstructing what it is about this years achievement that has kept me motivated? What is the key ingredient that is missing from my teaching practice? Is there something from this experience that I can take away and apply to a new context…???

(And yes, I have an over-active mind too!)

I thought about Jane McGonigal’s. I thought about her analysis that Reality is Broken and her definition of the four traits of a Game… and why these games make people happy….

  1. The GOAL is the specific outcome the players work to achieve
  2. The RULES place limitations on how players can achieve this goal
  3. The FEEDBACK system tells the player how close they are to achieving the goal
  4. VOLUNTARY PARTICIPATION requires that people playing the game know the goals, rules and accept the feedback
Now for the A-HA moment…

My training and weight loss journey has had these traits!!!! That is why I have had success!

And this is where my reality is broken, because the thing that I love the most – Teaching- is lacking in these things at the moment.

I am trying to set my own GOALS to unlock new achievements… but I feel like I have already done this. I have tried to share in my achievements with the people around me, but they are not all VOLUNTARY PARTICIPANTS.

It is hard to be goal orientated person with no goal…. I want more…. I am seeking it… but don’t know where to find it.

Teaching for me, needs a jumpstart!

If you have any ideas where I can find it… Please help: Apply within!

Photo 19-10-12 3 22 35 PM


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8 responses to “Jumpstart!

  • Michelle Bacash

    Hi Jess, I loved reading your story. A couple of things: it is that time of the year when people are winding down and feeling exhausted; your achievements are always going to be your own and self-recognition builds self-esteem – no-one else can really understand how much effort, time and sweat goes into being a great teacher. Have you thought about building a new skill in an augmented reality such as Sim-on-a-stick or Minecraft that can be brought over into the classroom with your students? Have you explored PLANE and all the opportunities it offers for PD? Just a few suggestions…

    • missjessm

      Thank you for your comments Michelle!
      It is DEFINITELY that time of the year….
      Have already planned some special projects for next that extend beyond our usual programming to make it more exciting for me to teach!
      And yes, Minecraft is one of the things that I am using for my gifted and talented Art Class.
      I have a very strong PLN through Twitter and Edmodo…. I was involved in PLANE at the beginning… was going to do the HAICT program, but realised all the people on there are people I am already in communication with anyway and present at conferences with. PLANE offers PD for people that need to new ideas and new skills- I am the person that delivers that to people. HAHA
      The brick wall that I am running into is not the creative programming or the teaching ideas… it is that I know that I need to change… I think I need a leadership position because I have a lot to offer in regards to professional learning and development. I just haven’t found something that grabs me yet… in the mean time, I am going to set up projects that go beyond what my faculty does and will make my programs more connected and interesting.

  • Phillip @sailpip

    If you can’t find the willing participants in your school get them from your pln, online!…
    Off An idea off the top of my head…
    What about creating an online art competition or community…?

    • missjessm

      Hey Phillip!
      Thanks for the comment!
      I am using the people in my PLN – cause they like to take more risks than many of the teachers in my school.

      This is going to sound weird coming from an Art Teacher – but I am really interested in the art of teaching… almost more than the content of Art…. SO my ideas at the moment are very much cross-KLA and collaborative.
      I think ART needs to be linked to creative and critical thinking and how we communicate… Especially with the Australian Curriculum coming into play….

      Perhaps we can do a project together? 🙂

  • michele

    great post lovely. You think about things deeply… and look to uncover links and connections, which is brilliant. I know you’ll find what youre looking for… But remember that you have had a MASSIVELY exciting year and achieved alot! So maybe the teaching epiphany will come in the new year after a much deserved holiday! xxx

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