A real audience

I have had so many blog posts in my head and it seems not enough time to write them. But, I feel that this post is urgently needed.

Urgently? But why?

Because I really want my Year 7 GATS Class (Academic Extension) to have a real world audience. Inspired by the PBL units by Bianca Hewes, my aim was for the students to create a narrative based upon their journey through an RPG style game that I designed.

The unit of work is on CONFLICT and the premise is that Mr Conflict is causing havoc in Conflictus. The players must journey through the land and complete missions that will help them catch Mr Conflict.

I had done a similar unit of work last year and had used Weebly to design a Game, but after seeing Simon Harper’s World Food Quest my game seemed lame. So, I gave myself the goal of redesigning it. I also thought about different things that were a challenge from last year. One main thing was that to level up, last year I rewarded points using Edmodo that went into the grades feature. 10 Points = 1 gold star. A certain amount of stars were needed to level up.

While this was great for GATS kids as it took out the need for grading and marks, it also gave me ALOT of work. If I hadn’t checked their work, then they couldn’t level up and then they sat in class not doing anything.

For the redesign, I changed this and made a map with different levels. The students can choose any location to work on, however, some levels require an artefact that can only be gained by completing a different mission.

To document the students work, they have created blogs. This is where the real life audience comes in!

I would love you guys to read their posts and comment on their characters and their responses to what conflict is. I think they will be stoked to realise that it is not just me reading and commenting!!

Explore the land of CONFLICTUS <————

(this is still a work in progress!! Any ideas would be appreciated!)

and see what they students think conflict is!











This is just a sample from my class! I hope you enjoy!


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4 responses to “A real audience

  • Simon Harper

    thanks for the kind words in your post. i know what you mean having many new posts you would like to write but finding the time is difficult.
    You know you started gamification before i did and your site was one of many on the Edmodo educational gamification group that I looked at for inspiration to build my game. I love the map idea and you have used edublogs really well for each mission. Did you end up using a wix site to bring it all together?

  • Evonne Hackett

    I love this ‘Land of Conflictus’. Your topics are inspiring and the map idea is great. I just recently joined Edmodo and found you there. Do you mind if I use some of this for my class? I have also created an edublog but we are going to have to keep all of ours private for a time until I can prove to our district that we need to go global. I plan to bookmark you so I can have great examples of what we can do. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • missjessm

      Go for it! Use it!!! Love to share! If you use it for your class, I hope that they enjoy it!
      I sent out a parent permission note to let them know that the kids blogs are live…. I didn’t really have a problem with it after I explained the real audience idea in the note…..

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