Who Killed Modern Art?


I am on the hunt for the History of Modern Art…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This has been designed as a stage 6 assessment for learning task. Instead of me blabbering away at the front of the room, telling them what I already know about Modern Art, this is a scaffolded research task where students are given some evidence to solve the mystery, but then they have to synthesis their findings into their closing arguments of the case.

To make it engaging, I have tried to weave this detective case narrative throughout, with suspects, motives, evidence and breaking news as the metaphor for artists, influences, events and facts.

I know that at stage 6, Year 12, students fear that if their learning is not teacher guided with chalk and talk, they may not be getting all they need to know for the HSC exam. While  I know that this is not true, at the beginning of each theory lesson I present a breaking news segment where  present on one modern art movement with a key example, some facts about the visual qualities and the conventions, and a little video. For the rest of the lesson the students autonomously gather their own findings. These are being documented as blogs, websites or a onenote file.

Kids are really engaged and beginning to use the metalanguage in class. They are excited to post their latest work and see what I think. They are working  collaboratively to figure out the technology if they need help and are discussing where to find the best information.

They OWN their understanding of this topic. Won’t that last beyond the exam?

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