Miss Chance quashes Mr Conflict

The students have been working on LearnQuest now for 2 Terms…. yes 2 TERMS!!!

I am quite impressed that I was able to engage gifted and talented students for that long with the same task…

While some of them have started to lose interest and are maybe not as competitive as at the beginning, they all still are doing the work and producing some great responses. Also giving them a definitive end point has been good, as it has driven them to resolve all the final outcomes.

When we brainstormed in class what CONFLICT was to start drawing conclusions to end the topic, I was really impressed with the responses.

“It is social and emotional..”

“It can’t be controlled… like the environmental conflict of the earthquake in Japan”

“It is necessary to resolve problems”

“There are good and bad conflicts”

“It helps us see different points of view”

I wasn’t sure where to head next, as there is still a Level 4 of LearnQuest where the whole class works together to make a video. I considered the fact that 2 Terms had already been spent on this, and maybe it was time to get the students working on an individual learning plan and the chance to get off the computers and do something else…. but I still wanted it to be related…

So, I created

Miss Chance

You never know which way she will roll…

To reflect on their learning during LearnQuest, students will answer the driving question

Why do people play games?  What types of internal and external experiences (inside and outside a player’s head) do players appreciate and expect from games?

I am inspired by Jane McGonigal at the moment and introduced the topic with her TED talk.

I am going to get students playing games in class and at home as an experiment, and then write a research report to draw conclusions from their findings.

Part of their report will be a proposal/creation of new game that they design.

I think this will be a great way to tie in everything they have learnt so far and it will be interesting to get their perspective on gaming.



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One response to “Miss Chance quashes Mr Conflict

  • ruthwinfield

    I can’t wait to hear how this goes. I have been watching so many of my non-GATS students get excited about gaming and have been thining how we need to incorporate this energy into their learning.

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