Linen and Lace


I decided to enter the The Tessuti Awards….

The theme this year is….

Linen & Lace

This year’s brief is simple, fresh and pretty and follows one of the trend forecasts for next Spring/Summer. Design a dress in any length using a combination of Linen and Lace in Neutrals, Whites or a combination of both tones together – see the TessutiAwards collection in our online store.


Inspired by the design brief, “Linen and Lace – everything old is new again”, I looked to Vivienne Westwood and her appropriations of 18th Century Men’s clothing. I wanted to add an edge to soft silhouettes of the lace but putting a contrasting black line that references the punk juxtapositions in Westwoods garments. The buttons, collected from the Tessuti collection are an embellishment that adds a touch of difference,femininity and edge. I have also used glow in the dark thread to make a fun and playful effect when wearing this garment at night.

“Westwood recalled: ‘I didn’t know what to do … Malcolm said “look at history”‘” as retrieved from

The bodice of my design refers to 18th Century Men’s clothing, making what was old, new again. The fresh look of the linen and lace adds a contemporary feel to the retro style dress that is a fresh and bold look.

No matter what happens – I have loved making this dress and am really proud of my sewing efforts. This is only the 6th dress I have ever sewn and think that my craftsmanship has improved by completing this design brief.



Please vote for my design in the PEOPLE’s CHOICE AWARD!

There are only a few days left to vote…. so do it NOW! Thanks!







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