Hip to be square

After the success of my exhibition, I wanted to keep the ball rolling….! I still have so much fabric that I have created that wants homes and I want people to enjoy the things that I have created. Thank you to my fabulous friends Lorna and Jude, who discovered a unique shopping experience that would provide me with a forum to sell my wares.

in.cube.8r is a store in Mosman that provides artists and designers with their own little ‘cubes’ to display their products.

I visited the store and loved the vibe and the concept.

Looking around, so much love had been put into all the handmade products that were on show. The pieces were so diverse and interesting and truely showcased some creativity.

After chatting to Susanne, the lovely lady that runs the Mosman store, I am lucky to have my own cube in the window of the store!

In the store there is already a lot of other resin jewellery design (though mine is pretty awesome! HAHA)…. so, I wanted to add to my collection and make my work stand out from the crowd… surprised?

To do this, I Used my fabrics, and I have created….


They are $30 each and are available in any of the ALPHABETISM fabrics!


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