Hands up if you are a teacher geek?

*hands up*

Yes, I can proudly say that I am!

So, I was very proud to represent Australia at the EDMODO conference on Thursday morning.

A whole session was dedicated to the Aussie Teachers, called: WakeUp Australia! Aussie Showcase

3 teachers (including myself) were moderated by Bianca Hewes (the GURU of Edmodo!).

The random and interesting thing about the 4 of us, is that we all actually live so close – the Edmodo people had no idea of this!

So, we met up before to discuss how we were going to approach this task of being presenters.

It was such an exhilarating experience to share what I have done in my classroom with approx 250 other teachers that I saw were online when I was presenting…

It was a strange experience to not see any faces and only hear my voice, and I hope that all enjoyed listening.

Sadly, because of the time difference, I missed the earlier parts of the conference which would have been great to hear, but am patiently awaiting the recording of the whole thing.

Teachers have taken up Edmodo to use in such different ways: differentiation of reading groups, pen pals, Games Based Learning, Project Based Learning, role playing in english, flipped classrooms, intergration of other web 2.0 tools…. the possibilities are endless….

So, if you missed my presentation, here is a copy of my slides….

Or check the edmodo blog for updates on the recording….


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3 responses to “EdmodoCon

  • Betsy Whalen

    Jess — Thank you SO much for presenting. I am still blown away by the whole EdmodoCon experience — I think even moreso after having a day away and seeing the incredible reaction from everyone who joined. I don’t think any of us (and by “us” i mean any of the Edmodo team and all of the the educators who participated) had any idea what a powerful experience it would be. But — for a global conference — to me, it felt very personal and action-oriented and I am so proud to have been a part of it. And, at the risk of patting myself on my back — I have to say — the decision to have an Aussie showcase close the day was a brilliant one. Your presentations were thoughtful, interesting, and so different from each other – we all learned so much and it was a great way to end a memorable day.

    Bianca has always been such a strong supporter of Edmodo and it was so great to meet her this summer and realize she was as equally vibrant and inspiring in real life as she is in the virtual world. It’s so awesome now see that she is not the exception in Australia, but one of the leaders of an incredibly talented group of educators. You all are incredible.

    Thanks so much for participating — I can’t wait until we can pull off a live event— EdmodoCon Down Under has a nice ring too it, don’t you think?

    • missjessm

      EdmodoCon Down Under sounds awesome!!!
      I have known Bianca now for over a year I think and I have also been inspired by her… I think since I met her my Edmodo journey has also blossomed. I am a huge advocate at my school and think that is has transformed my teaching!
      Thank you for all the hard work that you guys did to organise this conference! What a feat – getting so many dedicated teachers together into one virtual space! An experience not to be forgotten!

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    […] professional development. Jess Melkman also had many positives to report about her experience as an edmodocon presenter. Both of these great Australian teachers use edmodo in their respective high schools and in totally […]

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