After 6 months of hard work, it all came together and I had a great exhibition opening on Friday night, 17th June.

To look around and see the 26 letters of the alphabet as fabrics, an upholstered chair in my ‘Toast on Baked Beans’ fabric, a skull rug and different resin jewellery that I had handmade, I was really proud of my accomplishments.

The work looked polished, fun and playful and the pieces worked individually and as a whole.

I was really excited to sell some pieces and I know that they are going to some really good homes. I hope that in the weeks after the exhibition, other people will hear about my work and will enquire about pieces – They need to be seen by an audience and not hidden in my house – I don’t have enough wall space! HAHA

I have ordered some more fabric for myself and am going to spend the holidays sewing some dresses.

I wish the gallery was open for longer – it seems like so much work for just one week. It was also a shame that Primrose Park is in such an isolated spot that there wasn’t much foot traffic. I wanted more people to see what I had done.

I hope to get a market stall and my promote my online store so that more people can have some original Jess Melkman’s!


A little video to showcase all my work!


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