Counting the days till my Exhibition!

6 months have flown by!

My exhibition opening is on the 17th June 2011… so the days are counting down!

With my concept resolved it was great to have a goal to work towards. Using the letters of the Alphabet as inspiration, I designed images from words that start with A – Z.

So, it is a playful and fun. They icons that I have chosen may not be what you expect or what you would choose yourself… But that is what has made it so interesting to do. Every time I have told someone what I am doing for each letter, then look surprised and comment that they would do something else. Maybe my next exhibition could be based on audiences suggestions?

I have translated my designs into digitally printed textiles. Meaning that they can be viewed as wall pieces as they will for the exhibition, or people can but and use the fabrics for garments, bags, or even pillow cases! What ever you heart desires.

All the designs are original and I have tried to approach each letter with a different mode of representation from photography to paper cutout to watercolour to digital manuipulation to ripped cardboard to embroidery.

I have had soooooo much fun and am going to miss having a space to go and be creative.

I hope to see lots of friends, family and fans of art and design coming to see my exhibition.

Art is meant for an audience! Come along and enjoy it!


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2 responses to “Counting the days till my Exhibition!

  • michele morcos

    love it toots!! congrats on the invite and the fabrication of all those amazing textile print designs! BIG achievement…! Cant wait to toast you and your new work at the opening!! Godd luck with the set up…xxx

  • Clarindabrown

    Wow! Looks amazing and what a truly visually captivating concept!Will definately try to get to the exhibition!

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