It’s as easy as ABC

Have been developing my concept and subject for my exhibition and am working towards artworks that explore….

the Alphabet!

I was inspired by the book AlphabetsA Miscellany of Letters which illustrates the way designers have used type in their work. Each ‘chapter’ is the next letter of the alphabet.

I have designed two fabrics so far and have a long way to go!

A is for Aeroplane

B is for Babushka

Can you help me brainstorm ideas for some other letters?

Here is where I am at!

I have also collaged some experiments together to make fabric design

So, now that I have figured out a concept that I am happy with….

I have also been experimenting again with resin jewellry, I have a new respect for Dinosaur Designs!

I made a new mould for a ring, but am not really feeling it.

But, I have polished up some of the rings that I already made and am happy with the results… see them soon in the COPYANDPAINT shop!


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