Toast on Baked Beans

See my latest fabric designed by me and printed by Spoonflower!

The theme was breakfast and I decided to experiment with a photography design for the fabric. I love what I have done and am envisaging a dress made from this fabric. What do you think? Good enough to eat?

If you like it, make sure you vote for it in this weeks contest!

What a dress may look like…..

During the week I finally got to meet Jen… the lady that I am sharing my space with. All this time I have been greeted by these developing canvases with having a face to the artist. He concept is awesome and I think her work is going to really compliment what I am producing.

It was really nice to end the week with all my friends visiting me here at the Studio. Fellow teachers came down after school and we had a few drinks to celebrate the opportunity that I have been given.

Now it is back to work.

I am also developing a website at the moment... see me at copyandpaint!!

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2 responses to “Toast on Baked Beans

  • Jude

    I like the sketch over the fabric, this concept could be used in your exhibition. I think this design is one of your best yet. Keep going jess. Ps I loved visiting the studio, it was great to see you in your space.

    • missjessm

      I loved having you guys there!!!! Thanks for all your support!!!!

      Toast on baked beans is definitely my fave fabric so far….. And yes….. The fashion illustration thing could def reappear!!! 🙂

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