Sculpture by the Sea

I always enjoy the meandering from Bondi to Bronte to see Sculpture by the Sea.

Sometimes I fear that many of the sculptures lack artistic merit, but I love seeing so many people out and about enjoying the art!

I had some clear favorites… usually the ones that are humorous or challenge the landscape… There are the usual large scale abstract metal works, but they don’t really engage the audience like the colourful and playful installations.

Overall, a FABULOUS day out!


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2 responses to “Sculpture by the Sea

  • Kelly

    You don’t say which one you favoured the most – did you vote? I’m guessing the wooden wave – there are a few pics of it above. I found it very striking. I like the kinetic sculptures, there was one on the point that really grabbed me. I visit the sculptures with my 5 year old so am lucky to see them all even though we go more than once. Sometimes a blister stops us or some other malady. I’m seeing them through 5yo eyes, I might make a sculpture of a blister one day – not sure how aesthetic that will be.

  • missjessm

    I enjoy seeing the families experiencing art together! So many of the sculptures are accessible for a wide audience. It is such a fantastic addition to the beach skyline even for the short time it is there!
    As for my favourite… I loved the squirting paint-tube….
    But my partner did love the stick wave…. 🙂

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