An inspired week

It has been a while since I have posted… things are madness at the moment… marking and writing reports has taken over my life….!!

  • On a lighter note, on Friday 5th November, I am receiving the Ministers Quality Teaching Award! After designing a portfolio that demonstrated my teaching practice and values, then having a day of classroom observations, the result was positive. I loved every minute of it and have concluded even more than teaching is who I am.
  • Uni has finished for the semester, and I truly struggled with the outcomes of the core course. As a teacher, sometimes I over analyze the outcomes of an assessment task and end up hating it!
  • My fabric arrived this week from Spoonflower! It is AMAZING!

My little Owl fabric is entered into the “Woodlands Creature” contest on the Spoonflower website… Please vote for me!

Little owl

Watercolour Skulls

  • Grabbed a few fun magazines from the Newsagency the other day that have some inspiring articles of artists that I haven’t come across before that explore some beautiful aesthetics and subject matters. I read the articles so sporaidically, it is like a special treat when I get time to sit down and relax. Reading about new, up and coming artists helps me keep my knowledge current that I can share with my students. I also get to see different approaches to materials and ideas that I would never have thought of.

  • And last by not least, I got creative and messy with the Visual Design class this week… Teaching them how to screenprint… 30 kids at a time! Fun for me! (But also fun for them!)


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