And the first week ends….

The first week of Term 3 has come to a conclusion!

I feel like I need a holiday to recover!

Work is never done!

The conference about Engaging Learners Through Innovative Practice that I went to during the holidays kept playing in my mind.

After the holidays, our minds should be fresh and we should all be ready to teach and learn – be motivated to try new things and explore the possibilities that education has to offer! This is all great, but sometimes I feel like there is no time left in the day!

Between Organising an excursion, marking an assessment task from last term and explaining how to navigate the website I designed to teach Year 9/10 art theory, there is hardly a moment to scratch.

Maybe I thrive on this adrenalin rush???

Lucky I love what I do!


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One response to “And the first week ends….

  • Robyn

    Going 100kms an hour back at work after 3 weeks of slow mo- very big shock tell me about it! You love it Jess- having scratching moments is a bit overrated anyway. xx

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