Motivation and Engagement

ANDREW MARTIN speaks about….


Staff Development Day on the last day of Term 2 was spent at the RSL club, linked with the local primary schools.

Andrew Martin was our keynote speaker and he tried to share his views on how to motivate students. Now, while his research was fair, I think he failed to see that he was in a room with teachers. His research came from the perspective of an educational psychologist… so while what he said was true, I don’t think he was telling us something that we didn’t already know. If you are teaching with the social/emotional in mind, then you are able to engage students well.

Building opportunities for students to achieve success into your classroom management was one of his key tools for success. Positive reinforcement and teaching students the value of school leads them to be able to achieve their personal best in their classes. Scaffolding and chunking can help students attack their school work with more ease. Students should be able to succeed for themselves, comparing their abilities to other students knocks their confidence.

Andrew Martin’s Motivation and Engagement wheel demonstrates different domains that students fall in to…

Negative behaviors known as Guzzlers and Mufflers are things that students do that are detrimental to their success.

Self sabotage and negative self-belief are factors that teachers must consider when considering how their students achieve in the classroom. Many students pitch lower than their abilities for fear of failure. As teachers we need to consider what success we want from our students. Do we want numerical results or do we want personal results that reflect our students achievements that are long lasting??


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